Standing at the Intersection of the Black Church
and the Environmental Movement

 Our Start

Green The Church was founded in 2010 by Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll Sr. and Carroll Ministries International. It was created to be a repository and catalyst for the intersection of the Black Church and the Environmental and Sustainability Movement.

Amplifying Green Theology

Green The Church emphasizes the message that Christians have a duty to protect God’s creation. We work with church leaders to develop and share resources for theological environmental teachings. We also work to lift up the many voices of church members across the country who are already doing powerful work to care for our Earth and increase prosperity in our communities.

Promoting Sustainable Practices

Green The Church works with church leadership to make church buildings and operations more sustainable. From energy audits to healthy food programs, we work with congregants and leaders to literally green the church from the bottom up. These measures are good for the environment, good for the bottom line, and good for the health and well­-being of church members.

Building Power for Political & Economic Change

Our ability to create health and prosperity at the community level is tied to state, local, and federal policy decisions. Green The Church supports member churches in identifying how they can flex their shared political and people power to transform how our government acts on climate change, supports the green economy, and invests in resilient communities.



Dr. Iva E. Carruthers, General Secretary/CEO, Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference
The Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference (SDPC) is an interdenominational organization within the African American faith tradition focused on justice and equity issues. SDPC is both a 501c3 and United Nations Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). As founding CEO and a trustee of SDPC, she has steered the organization as a unique, influential and esteemed network of faith based advocates and activists, clergy and lay. Former director of the Black Theology Project, Dr. Carruthers has a long history of teaching, engagement in community development initiatives and social justice ministry, fostering interdenominational and interfaith dialogue and leading study tours for the university and church throughout in the United States, Caribbean, South America and Africa.

Anietie "Nate" Udofia

Anietie Udofia is Founder/Managing Partner of Sustainable Technology (S-Tech) Integration and Consulting and is responsible for customer acquisition, strategic vision, sales and marketing, and operations management. Mr. Udofia is an internationally recognized leader in Media, Information, and Communications Technology. Mr. Udofia founded and leads Green Durham; a Clean and Green energy and technology partnership in 2006; and serves as Co-Chairman of ImaAbasi International, a Nigerian and US certified 501c3 nonprofit foundation providing basic health services; malaria control and prevention; environmental health and wellness education; and women and children empowerment programs