Green The Church &

Berkeley School of Theology

Green The Church is pleased and proud to announce its engagement with the University of California’s Berkeley School of Theology (BST) on its newly revised Competency Based Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program. The program will consist of seven thematic categories addressing some of the most significant social and cultural shifts experienced by congregations and other faith-based organizations in the West. Each theme is supported by a team of faculty mentors.


This collaboration embraces a part of the GTC mission, to raise awareness and teach pastors and faith communities how to become more environmentally conscientious. GTC strives to cultivate individuals to become leaders in the fight for environmental justice and empowers people of all faiths to be leaders in caring for the Earth, providing resources to educate, connect, and advocate for healthier communities.

Rev. Dr. Ambrose F. Carroll, Sr., founder and chief executive officer of Green The Church, will be bringing his brilliance, vibrancy, and passion to protect the earth God has given us to the BST program. Starting in the Fall of 2021, he will be one of the faculty mentors teaching a group of doctoral ministry students on environmental and food security concerns, as the second cohort theme “Greening the Church/Urban Gardens”. Students will not only benefit from a traditional lecture style, but they will have have the opportunity to accelerate their ministerial potential and build expertise in the Green movement as they hear real life examples of what faith leaders are doing to Green their churches and actively participate in learning centered around writing, talking, problem solving, and/or reflecting. Application to this distance learning program is available on the Berkeley School of Theology website.

In addition to this new role for Dr. Carroll, he has designed and created a series of virtual courses available through the GTC Ambassadors Institute. The Institute is a series of educational live casts for individuals working in the environmental and black church space from different disciplines.




Green the Church will also be hosting their 2021 Summit, October 10th -13th. The four-day summit includes workshops covering subjects from green theology to direct action. The GTC Summit presents a unique opportunity to connect with hundreds of individuals who are concerned about global warming, poverty and pollution, equitable green economies and ensuring a sustainable planet.  

For more on the Ambassador Institutes and the upcoming Summit, visit