Standing at the Intersection of the Black Church
and the Environmental Movement


Green The Church was founded in 2010 by Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll Sr. and Carroll Ministries International. It was created to be a repository and catalyst for the intersection of the Black Church and the Environmental and Sustainability Movement.

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Green the Church is a sustainability initiative designed to tap into the power and purpose of the Black Church Community and expand the role of churches as centers for environmental and economic resilience. As the Environmental Organization of the Black Church, we strive to teach faith communities, environmental organizations, and individual practitioners how to work in concert in order to "Green" The Black Church. Green The Church was created and developed by Carroll Ministries International.



To be the largest repository and catalyst for the environmental and sustainability movement for the Black Church Community worldwide!


The three pillars of our program interconnect to create an ecosystem and pathway for pastors to thrive in the face of societal and personal transitions and challenges.

Amplifying Green Theology

Green The Church emphasizes the message that Christians have a duty to protect God’s creation. We work with church leaders to develop and share resources for theological environmental teachings. We also work to lift up the many voices of church members across the country who are already doing powerful work to care for our Earth and increase prosperity in our communities.

Promoting Sustainable Practices

Green The Church works with church leadership to make church buildings and operations more sustainable. From energy audits to healthy food programs, we work with congregants and leaders to literally green the church from the bottom up. These measures are good for the environment, good for the bottom line, and good for the health and well­-being of church members.

Building Power for Political & Economic Change

Our ability to create health and prosperity at the community level is tied to state, local, and federal policy decisions. Green The Church supports member churches in identifying how they can flex their shared political and people power to transform how our government acts on climate change, supports the green economy, and invests in resilient communities.

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