Amplifying Green Theology

For over a century, African American churches have been on the front lines of the most important social movements in the US. Our churches have been centers of resilience where people can go to have needs met in a multiplicity of ways—spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Green The Church (GTC) is a national initiative designed to tap into the power and purpose of the African American church community and explore and expand the role of churches as catalysts for environmental and economic resilience.


What is Green Theology

(GTC Black)

  • Preaching Green Sermons
  • Sharing Green Theological Papers
  • Bibliographies of Books and Authors
  • Experiencing God and Nature
  • Creating Green Liturgies
Green The Church Louisiana
Pastor Emily Carroll Talks About Her Fight for Environmental Justice

“Whenever you’re in a fight, it’s going to be difficult. Whenever you want justice, it’s going to be difficult.”
The glass ceilings that come along with fighting for environmental justice do not faze Rev. Emily Carroll. (read more)

Green The Church Florida 
Rev. Tania Carroll Educates Communities of Color on Environmental Sustainability and Justice

A Florida native, Rev. Tania hopes that the people around her begin to take hurricane season seriously, considering all of the lasting effects of climate change and its impacts on vulnerable communities. (read more)

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We invite you to get involved in this environmental movement as we collectively wake up the ‘sleeping giant’ that is the Black church.

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