Green The Church Articles

Amplifying faith voices in the Black Church who are helping to address environmental issues specific to African American congregations and communities.

Rev. Gary Russell of Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church's Congregation is "Growing In Faith" (read)
Rev. Dr. Morris Henderson makes history in Richmond, VA: First USDA recognized urban farm. (read)
Baby Wingate: The City of Fort Lauderdale vs. Walter Hinton (read)
"God Says, You Shall Not Pollute" by GTC member Jennifer Gibbs (read)
Green The Church Florida: Rev. Tania Carroll Educates Communities of Color on Environmental Sustainability and Justice (read)
Green The Church Louisiana - Pastor Emily Carroll Talks About Her Fight for Environmental Justice (read)
Pastor Bruce and Vickie Carroll on Mission to Help Unify Green Leaders in the Community (read)

Growing Green Solutions Series

Black church leadership and lay people in St. Louis are developing practical solutions to economic and environmental issues that bring equity into the black community, with funding provided by Green The Church and the Nature Conservancy.
Tosha Phonix's Surprising Calling to Bring Food Justice (read)
Rev. Anthony L. Riley's Central Baptist Church of St. Louis "Grows It!" (read)
Co-Pastors in St. Louis Lead Environmental Practices By Example (read)
A Red Circle Promotes Community in North St. Louis County (read)