Become a Green The Church Advocate

What marginalized communities often require most is financial support to have the opportunity to become an Ambassadors or Associates in the GTC program offers. As an  Advocate you would be making an investment in the growth and development of a more sustainable society. 

GTC brings additional funds from other sources, multiplying the value of your gift. These resources, combined with the Advocate's funding, help of GTC staff, partners, and the local community, ensures that together we are cultivating a culture of greater sustainability.

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Ambassador Level

Benefits for Individuals

  • An hour educational livecast for individuals working in the environmental and black church space from different disciplines.
  • Listed on our site as part of the Green The Church International Web Directory.
  • Networking opportunities and peer exchange to help you with your local green business or initiative in the black church space.

Associate Level Benefits for Congregations

  • Three individuals from the congregation would have Ambassador status
  • Sustainable Practices Consultation such as ...
    • Green Teams Development
    • Building Efficiency
    • Renewable Energy
    • Food Sovereignty
    • Environmental Justice
    • Disaster Preparedness

Advocate Level Benefits for Membership Sponsors

  • Special recognition on website and at events for being an Advocate
  • Increased visibility for your organization and its brand
  • Ability to aim for a specific demographic 
  • Enhance the organization's reputation 
  • Generates customer leads
  • Generates dynamic content for a social media marketing campaign