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Our Three Pillars

Three pillars that interconnect to create an ecosystem and pathway for pastors to thrive in the face of societal and personal transitions and challenges.


Embracing Hope and

Enthusiasm with

Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley

Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley has advocated for civil, spiritual, and environmental rights for over 50 years. Hope, faith, enthusiasm, and inspiration have given him the integrity to support citizens in having the courage to face risk and sacrifice on the battlefield for God and our planet.

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Faith in Action CAN Move Mountains!

Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, lives out the aspect of Christ as a liberator. This success story illustrates how faith takes them into the public square and has moved literal mountains.

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Green The Church Joins other Faith Leaders the Fight Against the Line 3 Pipeline

Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll, Sr., founder of Green The Church, talks about his experience standing in solidarity with Native communities fighting the installation of the Line 3 Pipeline in Northern Minnesota and his visit to the site of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police.

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RE-volv Solar Empowers Neglected Communities

RE-volv creates sustainable financial models for nonprofits to go rooftop solar in communities that do not have equal access to the green economy. Solar allows long-term financial and health benefits in underserved communities.

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Powering Faith with Clean Energy

Pastor Curtis Robinson leads Faith Baptist Church in Oakland, California, to food security and solar energy. His church leveraged a successful food giving program to raise funds to install solar panels on the church, which has, in turn, provided substantial savings in electricity costs.

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Imani Energy, Inc. Powers Social Change Through Roof-Top Solar

Imani Energy, Inc. Founder and CEO Jeffery Richardson discusses the societal implications of the green economy and how disenfranchised communities have a chance to take control of their energy.

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