Co-Pastors in St. Louis Lead Environmental Practices By Example

By Chelsea Blackmon

Married pastors Rev. Clinton Stancil and Rev. Christine Stancil are deeply invested in the betterment of their community, starting with Wayman AME Church in St. Louis, MO. The Stancils’ long-term goal is to represent a productive, well-rounded community and they have been strategic in offering solutions to numerous issues facing their congregants and neighbors.

Rev. Clinton Stancil is no stranger to working at the forefront of social justice issues. His voice was frequently heard demanding for justice for Michael Brown in the wake of his murder by a white police officer. This experience is particularly relevant in today’s racially charged climate. 

Environmental racism is another issue impacting the Black community, including in St. Louis. The facts are undeniable, climate and pollution impacts people of color and low income families more than anyone else. There continues to be a need for sustainable...

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