Green The Church Florida: Rev. Tania Carroll Educates Communities of Color on Environmental Sustainability and Justice

Rev. Tania Carroll’s passion for environmental justice and sustainability come from every aspect of her life. After a 30 year career as a firefighter, Rev. Tania  has witnessed firsthand the effects that both man-made and natural disasters have on communities. As a woman of color, she has also noticed how certain communities tend to be underserved as they attempt to recover from these aforementioned disasters. A Florida native, Rev. Tania hopes that the people around her begin to take hurricane season seriously, considering all of the lasting effects of climate change and its impacts on vulnerable communities. 
Carroll has been a  facilitator in Green The Church for several years. Through Greater Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of West Palm Beach, FL (a GTC-affiliated church), she strives to educate the surrounding communities of color on environmental sustainability and justice. Rev. Tania feels a spiritual calling  to not only be an educator but to...

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