St. Louis Pastor Works to Enlighten and Bring More Youth Into the Environmental Movement

By Chelsea Blackmon

While researching methods to reduce the cost of electricity for his church, Rev. Rodrick Burton (pastor of New Northside Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis, MO) stumbled upon the concept of environmental sustainability. He started by purchasing solar panels for his church, then it was a snowball effect for him. The more he learned, the more he wanted to apply this knowledge to benefit his own community. 

The goals that he has for St. Louis are simple: bring other congregations in, educate young people on the topic as it relates to their own communities, and eventually have a regional conference surrounding all things environmentally conscious.  

Rev. Burton hopes for a future where young people will lead  environmental sustainability efforts. He recognizes that the demographic is concerned about the topic, but he also wishes to show them what they can do in their own communities. According to Rev. Burton, one way to spark interest would be...

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