Green The Church Louisiana - Pastor Emily Carroll Talks About Her Fight for Environmental Justice

“Whenever you’re in a fight, it’s going to be difficult. Whenever you want justice, it’s going to be difficult.”
The glass ceilings that come along with fighting for environmental justice do not faze Rev. Emily Carroll. She serves as the Sr. Pastor of the St. James UMC in Shreveport, LA. She is also the Protestant Religious Education Coordinator at  Barksdale Air Force Base Chapel. In her role at Green The Church (GTC), Rev. Emily has been asked to speak at numerous rallies, workshops, and conferences over the past few years. 
Rev. Emily, lives in the countryside, not too far from Shreveport, LA. She notices the effect that fracking (a drilling process that extracts oil or natural gas from underground) has on the community, but recognizes how difficult it would be to address it. Though the fracking has a negative effect on the environment, it has created jobs for the people within the community. The ‘justice’ part of...

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