Green The Church 2019 St. Louis Pre-Summit Trip: Pastor Bruce and Vickie Carroll on Mission to Help Unify Green Leaders in the Community

While visiting St. Louis, MO to prepare for the Green The Church Summit in October, Rev. Bruce Carroll Sr., M. Div. Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA. and First Lady Vickie Carroll, a former school teacher, spent two weeks networking and connecting with the community. While talking with members of the community, they encountered a local business owner with an interesting story to tell. The entrepreneur, a St. Louis native opened a smoothie shop with his family in a more affluent part of town. His daughter started to get sick often, despite the healthy fresh fruit and  vegetable smoothies that he and his wife fed her. After conducting research, he found out that the building that housed the smoothie shop was built over a dump zone, resulting in the water being polluted. Up until that point, that water was always used in smoothies, restrooms and cleaning. The solution to the problem was to move out of the building and, of course, to stop using the water. First...

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